Helping the animals in Morgan County

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The Morgan Cound Animal Shelter is a nonprofit  501-c3 organization established to improve animal welfare in the county.  While our ultimate goal is the establishment of an animal shelter in the county, we're also working on educating the public, promoting responsible adoptions and fostering.

Cat and Dog

Who are we?

We are Morgan County residents, business owners, and volunteers.  Below is a listing of our current board members:

Dr. Linda James

Brent Ziegler

Jennie Chevalier

MJ Sill

Susie Bailey

Belinda Woodiel-Brill

Lisa McMichael

Kelli Harvey

The board meets quarterly.  Summaries of the meeting minutes are available on request.   Click to view the By-Laws.


The mission of the Morgan County Animal Shelter is to serve the community by promoting animal welfare in the County of Morgan in the State of Tennessee.


The Morgan County Animal Shelter has been organized for the following purposes:

  • To provide humane care, treatment, sheltering of abandoned, abused, neglected, and/or stray animals within Morgan County, Tennessee

  • To promote responsible adoption and placement of these animals


  • To promote humane and responsible pet ownership through public awareness and education programs


  • To promote accessibility to spay-neuter services for low-income populations


  • To assist law enforcement and government agencies to improve animal welfare conditions.